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Featherlight.js The ultra slim lightbox.

Featherlight is a very lightweight jQuery lightbox. Trusted by thousands.

The versatile Lightbox Plugin for Professionals


Featherlight is different from other lightbox plugins. Even those labelled “simple” or “lightweight” try to do too much. Featherlight is for the professional who knows what they’re doing and needs a basic plugin. The low-specific CSS selectors and minimal code make it easy to customize and understand. It’s designed to be extended, such as with our gallery extension.

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Lightweight Lightbox Solution


Featherlight is incredibly lightweight — 400 lines of JavaScript, 100 of CSS, and less than 6kB combined. Don’t let its size fool you — it is smart, responsive, and comes with support for images, ajax, and iframes. To get started, just add the “data-featherlight” attribute with a selector, an image, or an ajax-url. It’s that easy.

Blazing Performance

Featherlight works on IE8+ and all modern browsers, as well as mobile platforms. Its extensive test suite ensures it runs on hundreds of thousands of websites—that we know of.

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